CNAs are Invaluable Members of the Healthcare Team

A day without a CNA on a hospital unit or long-term care facility is a nightmare. CNAs perform many duties and tasks that are taken for granted when they are present, but when they are not around the rest of the healthcare staff realizes that they are very much needed. Registered nurses have many duties and tasks to perform and depend on CNAs to help patients with personal care needs. When CNAs aren’t present, RNs have to perform their duties and duties of a CNA which causes chaos on a unit.

Patients are appreciative of CNAs

Patients love the extra care and attention they receive from CNAs. They often voice this opinion on surveys healthcare institutions send out after they have been hospitalized. CNAs are able to give care and attention to patients which other healthcare members can’t do, because they have their own jobs to perform.

What does a CNA do?

CNAs bath, dress and perform personal care needs for patients. They help to keep patient’s rooms tidy and report changes in patients’ health care status to nurses. CNAs help RN’s with certain types of medical procedures and they transfer patients to and from various diagnostic tests they need while hospitalized. CNAs take routine vital signs of patients and record what they eat and drink from each meal. Patients are much happier when CNAs are present which helps their healing process.

Consider becoming a CNA

If you are a high school student and thinking about a career in the medical field, becoming a CNA is an excellent way to start. CNAs gain experience and have the opportunity to observe medical procedures which is a great advantage as they advance in their medical career. CNAs have opportunities to become LPNs or RNs through hospital educational or tuition reimbursement programs and it has been noted that nurses who first worked as a CNA have an easier time adjusting to their new role and have more confidence taking care of patients.

CNA Schools

Community colleges, technical college, some hospitals and nursing homes offer CNA programs. These programs are usually no more than six to eight weeks long. After successfully completing a program, you’ll have to take a test for certification. Once you’ve passed that test, your name will be listed on your states CNA registry and you’ll be eligible for employment. CNA careers are one of the fastest ways to enter the healthcare field which gives you job security and a guaranteed paycheck.

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