Training as a CNA in Sioux Falls, SD

In recent times, more and more people are becoming interested in CNA positions since they offer social and economical advantages in a safe and interesting environment. As a CNA you will attend to the needs of patients and be a direct link between them, their families and the medical staff. In South Dakota, you can find a lot of free options to attend to the course to obtain certification, but you can also go with paid options that adapt more to your needs with tuition that ranges from $550 to Read more […]

Training as a CNA in Burlington, Vermont

A career as a CNA starts with specialized, hands on, training. Here you will learn all the skills that are applicable for you to become a licensed CNA in the city of Burlington, Vermont. Depending on your choice of schools, tuition can cost anywhere from $400 to 1000, but there are many free programs on offer for qualified participants. You will have to part with the examination fee, which may set you back about $100 but this is a worthwhile investment for a career that typically pays about $28,000 Read more […]

CNAs are Invaluable Members of the Healthcare Team

A day without a CNA on a hospital unit or long-term care facility is a nightmare. CNAs perform many duties and tasks that are taken for granted when they are present, but when they are not around the rest of the healthcare staff realizes that they are very much needed. Registered nurses have many duties and tasks to perform and depend on CNAs to help patients with personal care needs. When CNAs aren’t present, RNs have to perform their duties and duties of a CNA which causes chaos on a unit. Patients Read more […]

CNA Courses in Phoenix, Arizona

If you are planning to become a certified nursing assistant in Phoenix, Arizona, you have indeed made an excellent choice. At the moment, CNA career is one of the top professions in the state of Arizona offering several job opportunities for those who would like to offer their services and help to those who are disabled and sick. In addition, the ‘Grand Canyon State” has one of the country’s fastest-growing senior population; no wonder, the nurse aides are in great demand. Requirements to Read more […]

Get Ready for a Career as a CNA

Are you tired of working at jobs which have no security or future? If so, consider becoming a CNA. CNA careers are one of healthcare careers which is predicted to rise in the near future. If you like to care for people who are sick and not able to care for themselves, becoming a CNA may be right for you. CNA’s provide personal care for patients in hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities. They bath, dress and groom patients, while working under supervision of a licensed nurse. CNAs work Read more […]

CNA Programs in Oklahoma

Have you been thinking about changing careers and becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in Oklahoma? If so, you’re making a good choice. Healthcare careers in Oklahoma are predicted to soar over the next few years mainly because of the United States population aging. This is creating the need for more healthcare and a need for healthcare workers to fill vacant positions. CNA careers in Oklahoma provide job stability and career advancement opportunities. CNA Requirements in Oklahoma: In Read more […]

CNAs Are You Ready to Take That Next Career Step?

Have you been working successfully as a CNA and feel you are now ready to take your career to the next level?  If this is the case for you, you’ll be happy to know that CNAs can receive funding to help attain a degree in nursing. Working as a CNA is the first step for becoming a licensed nurse, because of the invaluable experience you received while working in a nursing home or hospital. College programs for nursing can be taken on a full-time or part-time basis. Many programs offer classes online Read more […]

Free CNA Training in Chicago

To become a CNA, one must possess more than just a happy and friendly demeanor. Those interested in becoming a student have to meet requisites set by the state of Illinois before they can apply and participate in the course. A student that participates in the course can be no younger than sixteen and must pass an intense background check. A student taking a CNA training course must also be able to present his/her high school diploma and or GED. Those looking for free CNA classes in Chicago will Read more […]

The Healthcare Industry Needs Certified Nurse Assistants

Certified Nurse Assistants or CNAs are needed by the healthcare industry more than ever before. Healthcare is changing in the United States for many reasons, one being the economy. With budget cuts in just about every agency and department, healthcare administrators and executives are finding ways to streamline the cost of healthcare. CNAs are hired to train as technicians on several medical units and healthcare facilities which help to reduce healthcare cost without compromising quality of care. Read more […]

A Day in the Life of a CNA at a Hospital

Report is about to start at 0645 on a busy Med-Surg unit, in a local hospital, as assignments are made by the charge nurse.  As you’re reading over your assignment sheet, you see that you have a new admission coming to the unit before report is over, a patient who needs to be discharged home today and a post-op patient with a fractured hip arriving in an hour. Does this sound familiar? You remain calm and tell yourself that you can do this. All of these patients have priorities and needs but Read more […]